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Retina International Youth Council zaprasza młodych pacjentów do wzięcia udziału w konferencji

Retina International Youth Council zaprasza młodych pacjentów do wzięcia udziału w drugiej, corocznej konferencji, która odbędzie się online przez platformę Zoom 12 i 13 sierpnia w godz. 12-14.30.
Wydarzenie jest bezpłatne, otwarte dla wszystkich, prowadzone w języku angielskim.
Poniżej przedstawiamy zaproszenie zachęcając gorąco do rejestrowania się i uczestnictwa w konferencji.

Dear Members,

The Second Annual Retina International Virtual Youth conference will take place via Zoom on August 12th and 13th 2021, at 12:00 to 14:30 CET each day. The conference will focus not only on scientific research but also on the personal experiences of young people living with and supporting those living with a retinal disease.


This event is free and open to the public. We particularly encourage the young people in our communities to attend. This event has been organized and coordinated by members of the Retina International Youth Council, and covers topics selected by young people, for young people.

Please see the following tentative agenda. A final agenda with speakers list will be published soon.


12:00 Welcome & Introduction

12:15 Genetic Testing for Retinal Diseases – A Panel Discussion
This Genetic Testing Panel will feature a range of perspectives, including a genetic counsellor, genetic testing advocate, and young people from the community who will speak about their own experience with genetic testing.

13:15 Comfort Break

13:30 Independent Living: Career Planning, Enabling Technologies, and Accessibility
This session will focus on supports that promote independent living as someone living with a visual impairment.

Event one: Career planning as a young person living with low vision or blindness.

Event two: Enabling and assistive technologies


12:00 Welcome & Introduction

12:15 Research and Innovation
Event one: Presentation on Emerging Therapies in the Retinal Research Space

Event two: “Ask Me Anything” – Discussions with Young Researchers

13:15 Comfort Break

13:30 Personal Interest Breakout Rooms
Here, the participants will be divided into break out groups led by our council members. They will get to participate in discussions revolving around the following themes: Mental Health, Coping during COVID with a Retinal Disease, Supporting Someone with a Retinal Disease, Dating, Parenting and Family, Career. This will be a very interactive section which we think will be exciting for all.

We expect the conference to be a great success and thank the wonderful young leaders in our Youth Council organising it. We encourage you to reach out to the young people in your networks to join us for what is sure to be an insightful event. You can register through the following zoom link, or follow any of our social media channels for more updates:

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